Diary of our stay in the Engadine written by Josephine Butler and addressed 'To Charles'

Scope and Content

Photocopy. 27pp.Explains first the charm of Samaden that not only captivated her but affected all the party (George, Stanley and James Stuart). The little 'church on the rock' was served by the Rev George, and James Stuart, though new to such duties, acted most efficiently as churchwarden. Describes the daily expeditions they went, taking lunch with them; JB sketching which the Rev George delighted to do while JB walked or sat and admired the view and the boys with Stuart walked and climbed. The only intrusion of work into her holiday was a telegram asking for the evidence she would have given in person to the Committee of the House of Lords appointed to consider the state of the law relating to the protection of young girls (May 30 1881). Of noted Alpine features she specially mentions 'the Botanists' Paradise' in the Val de Bevers and the landslide they witnessed by the Roseg Glacier 'a sight one seldom sees, tho' one often sees the after traces of the phenomenon'

Administrative / Biographical History

'The Evidence for the Committee of the House of Lords'. On 30 May 1881 Lord Dalhousie called the attention of the House of Lords to this traffic [Belgian traffic in English girls] and moved 'that a Select Committee be appointed to enquire into the state of the law relative to this protection of young girls from artifices to induce them to lead a corrupt life.' (The Shield, 11 Jun 1881, p.45) On 2 Aug 1881 the Daily News reported that the Committee wished to report to the House the evidence already taken but as it required much fuller and more prolonged consideration than was possible in that session no more could be done in that session. (The Shield, 6 Aug 1881, p.164) Biog: Canon Ridgway; Stuart; Rev Mr Eardley; Mr Ross (Aunt Tully's friend); Ben Drury of Harrow (a don); Lord Cairns; Dean Stanley; M. Humbert.