Mr Edmondson to Mr Wilson, Sheffield

Scope and Content

Written from Halifax. At a Committee meeting held at Bradford that afternoon fifteen persons present agreed to memorialise Gladstone on the CD Acts and Bruce's Bill and officially discussed the question of a meeting in St George's Hall. Asks his help in getting Mundella for the meeting and what about Sir W Lawson (Temperance). Discusses the work of Hardy (Agent). Thinks he is good for doing work among workingmen, but needs more training.

Administrative / Biographical History

'to memorialise Gladstone on ... Bruce's Bill' - See note on 'Bruce's Bill' [early Mar] 1872, JB to Mrs Wilson

'The League' - The Northern Counties League

'The Temperance men' - The Temperance movement was very strong in this period especially in the North and Midlands. See notes on 'The Permissive Bill' (circular letter of JB to Branch Associations of the LNA May 1872). Also Biog of Sir Wilfred Lawson and the UK Alliance. The special Women's Temperance Association was the BWTA associated with Lady Henry Somerset

'Now as to Hardy' - This was John Hardy (agent) who had been working under Mr Edmondson in Bradford and had been severely criticised by HJ Wilson in his letter to Mr Edmondson of 11 Nov 1872 to which this is a reply

Biog: AJ Mundella MP; Sir W Lawson; John Hardy (Agent)