Josephine Butler to Mrs George Butler (her mother in law)

Scope and Content

Photocopy of letter. Written from Liverpool. She writes to reassure her mother-in-law about her health. She coughs, suffers pain, loses blood from her lungs, but the doctor says she has no disease and she herself thinks she is 'wonderfully tough'. Anyhow she has no intention of going to live permanently abroad, away from her family.

Administrative / Biographical History


'I think I am wonderfully tough, though I suffer a good deal' - There is a considerable amount about her health in her letters often in terms which make a modern reader think she is either at death's door or a very accomplished 'malade imaginaire'. It was neither: she had weak lungs and was genuinely laid out by illnesses that go with them; but she also had a driving-force which impelled her forward on behalf of her cause to make speeches, travel all over Europe and if ever static to write up to 40 letters a day. Her family as she said were 'remarkable for vitality'

Biog: Hatty Meuricoffre