Josephine Butler to Mrs Ford

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She has not recovered from her attack of jaundice and would not have attempted to come for the meeting if it were not so important an occasion. Hopes to get Miss Heaton to help in their work with money 'she is very odd but kindly disposed'.

'I can visit her [Miss Heaton of Leeds] just now without offending Theodosia'. See note on Theodosia Marshall and her home at Westwood on the outskirts of Leeds, letter 8 Apr 1870 from George ?Butler to J Butler.

Administrative / Biographical History

This letter continues the subject of the Vigilance Association so is probably the same year as JB's letter to Mrs Ford of 20 May 1877. In 1875 Mrs Elmy resigned as secretary of the VA association. JB failed to get Miss Priestman to take it on (see 5 Sep letter JB to Miss Priestman) so took it on herself, and was still secretary in 1880. That is why she stresses that she must make the effort to go in spite of being "still far from recovered from the attack of jaundice"(her husband and Miss Becker were also on the committee). The strenuous programme carried out by her on the Continent in 1876 had overtaxed her strength. In a letter to her from William Lloyd Garrison who was over in England in 1877 he writes 'I am pained to learn both from Mme Venturi and Prof Stuart that you are again broken down in health'.

'Emily': this is the 2nd of 3 daughters of Mrs Ford. 'Emily had artistic talent, at times touched by genius'. A pencil drawing made by her in 1903 was reproduced for the subscribers to a presentation to Mrs butler in 1906 (DNB).

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