Josephine Butler to [the Priestmans]

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Written from 8 North View, Wimbledon. Has been delayed in starting for Switzerland. Apart from health and benefit of a warmer climate she feels an urge to be at work again. Exact programme of work still vague but the Committee of the Federation has entrusted her to negotiate with the Committee at Geneva about some arrangements; also to try to arrange something about poor M. Humbert who is now past work and yet needs the Federation's annual subvention. Later she might be led to Germany where 'this independent and original young Emperor might make things possible in Germany now which were not so till lately. Would like to feel she goes with their blessing.

Administrative / Biographical History

Saturday .

'The children being still here' The children of Stanley and Rhoda, little Josephine and 'Bob', who were left with their granny while the parents went to Switzerland. (See letter of Aug 4)

'This independent and original young Emperor' See letter and note of 15 Nov 1890.

'Mr Bunting has asked me for an article for the 'Contemporary' on Mrs Booth' Mr Bunting was editor of the 'Contemporary Review' Mrs Booth. This would be Mrs Catherine Booth, wife of General Booth. She died Oct 1890.

'Adela is a shade better' Adela Grey was the daughter of JB's brother Charles and was left motherless when young. JB treated her as a daughter as did the Canon and though unable to devote much time to her in the last years of the Canon's life she kept in touch with her when in 1887 Adela went to Switzerland in search of health like so many TB sufferers. In a letter printed in The 'Dawn' (1 Jan 1891 p.13) writing about herself she says: 'I came to Switzerland at the end of Oct [1890] with two objects in view: one to be with my niece, Adela Grey, my brother's child, motherless and ill apparently dying; the other to do a little work in the cause of the Federation ...' (A letter of 13 Nov describes a visit to her in a house on the slopes of the Jura mountains. She died 28 Dec 1890 (see letter of 4 Jan 1891 from Amelie Humbert about this)

(See also letters of 4, 13 and 29 Nov 1890).

Biog: Adela Grey; M Humbert; Emperor William II; Mr Bunting; Mrs Booth