Josephine Butler to 'My very dear Friends' [the Miss Priestmans]

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Written from 39 Clarence Square, Cheltenham

Thanks for gift of most welcome shawl. Her dear children have departed as they 'could not leave their little farming operations and poultry yard too long, as they work at them personally'. She misses them terribly and especially at this season feels very lonely. One day they all went to Leckhampton Church yard and placed a wreath on little Eva's grave. Charles held Rosalind up in his arms to see 'the broken lily in white marble, designed by Munro the sculptor for Eva's grave'

Administrative / Biographical History

21 Dec [1901], year 1901 following letter of 8 Dec]

'I have not called poor Annie to me yet ... it is an anxiety having a delicate maid'

See letters of 13 Oct 1892; 2 Mar and 2 Oct 1895; 1 and 5 Jan 1896; 23 Jun 1897; 1 Jul 1899.

'Eva' JB's only daughter tragically killed when she was six years old (1864).

'my dear sister Fanny' Mrs Frances Smyttan, an older sister of JB's, widowed early in her married life. She died Oct 1895.

'She [Rosalind] talks wonderfully well for 2 years and 3 months'

See letter of 8 Dec 1901 in which JB says 'she talks so well for 2 years and 4 months'

In note on this Ed. suggests that it is a slip in both for 3 years.

Biog: Annie (the maid), Charles and family