Josephine Butler to Mr Stansfeld

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Copy of letter (another copy is in the black book). Written from Paris. Called on a M. Rogerson a Catholic priest, whom she had known at her home in girlhood days. He obviously did not care even to speak of her mission so she merely asked him for the address of the RC dignitaries. In the evening many people called on her with suggestions. 'The interest my little mission has excited is far beyond anything I had dared to acts like fire'. Describes one supporter, Mme Andre Walther, 'with an influence like that exercised by some of the women of France of the 17th century'. M. Leon Richeu whom Gambetta speaks of 'as the most dangerous man in Paris' because he edits 'L'Avenir des femmes'. M. Monod accepted her as a messenger from God. Very impressed with a meeting held in a drawing room at which she spoke for three quarters of an hour in French, because of the tremendous difficulty in France of beginning a movement like this. Describes in detail methods used by the French police to turn working class girls into prostitutes. Accounts of other meetings and contacts.

Administrative / Biographical History

Black Book, 20-22 Dec 1874

'The attempts and projects of certain people, doctors, as set forth in Jeannell's book' (p 6) An edition of a book by Dr Jeannell of Bordeaux was published in 1874

'De la Prostitution dans les grands villes au 19ieme siecle et de l'extinction des maladies veneriennes'

In it he called upon Great Britain to co-operate in this movement. Regulation was regarded as the only possible way of controlling the disease by nearly all doctors, and in 1874 it seemed likely that Great Britain would respond to this appeal. For further details about Dr Jeannell's book, Mr Collingwood's paper on it delivered at the Conference held at York 25 Jun [1874], and JB's letter accompanying the paper which was sent to many friends of the movement. See enclosed pages of notes 1-4

Biog: M Rogerson; Charles Grey; Archbishop Manning; M Accolas; Mme Andre Walther; M Leon Richer; Gambetta; Legourve [or Ligouve]; Labourlaye [or Laboulaye]; M Theodore Monod; M Guillaume Monod; Pastor Lepoid; M Passy; Lecour; Mettetal; Dr Thierry Miez; Jules Simon and Mme Simon; Jules Favre; Dr Gustave Monod; M Appia; Mlle Louise Appia (sister); Hatty (Mme Meuricoffre) (JB's sister); Edward Backhouse; M Hugentobler; Leopold Monod; the Pearsall Smiths; Mr Edmondson; Edmond de Pressense; Mrs Kenway; Prof Hornung; Pere Hyacinthe; M Guillaume, doctor of med; Dr Armand Despreu; Lord Lyons; Mr Stansfeld; Sir Harcourt Johnstone; M Morin (Advocate)