Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

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Photocopy of letter. No address.

She is sending him 'Mr Christie Murray's last visit to Zola', also a copy of a letter she had from the eldest son of the late Mme de Morsier. Her thoughts continue to dwell on Dreyfus: 'O! what a fate, Rhoda, for a wife to know her husband is unjustly imprisoned for life'. About Yves Guyot, an old friend of the movement says: 'They want to put [him] in prison because he has published some proofs against Esterhazy' [the Dreyfus affair]

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Sunday 27 Feb [1898]

'last visit to Zola' See note on Zola letter of Feb 9

'The late Mme de Morsier' (1844-1896). At a meeting of the French Federation of Women's Societies held in Paris in May 1892 for 3 days Mme de Morsier was delegated by the Federation to represent their principles by reading a paper. In it she attacked the Police des Moeurs. It was received with great enthusiasm and her resolutions were all carried (From the Dawn Jun 1892 p 15)

She died in Jan 1896. An 'In Memoriam' notice appeared in the 'Dawn' Feb 1896, p 4

'Oh what a fate Rhoda for a wife to know her husband is unjustly imprisoned for life'

Things began moving in 1896 when evidence was discovered pointing to Mayor Esterhazy. This was suppressed. Others persevered. Then Zola took up the cudgels and was sent to jail. Dreyfus was not finally cleared till 1906.

'They want to put Yves Guyot in prison' Yves Guyot (1843-1928). This would not have been the 1st time. In 1876 Lecour (Head of the Police de Moeurs) brought an action against Yves Guyot of publishing fake information in one of his papers and he was condemned to 6 months imprisonment. The sentence was deferred but he was called on to serve it in 1877 when he was invited as a delegate from the municipality of Paris to London to discuss Regulation

Biog: Zola, Mme de Morsier, Dreyfus, Yves Guyot