Dr Berkeley Hill to 'Dear Sir'

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Written from 55 Wimpole St, London W. With heading 'CD Acts Extension'. Says he is sending a copy of their latest report. Says he does not know anybody in Sheffield who is inclined to advocate Maintenance of Acts. He has sent on the addressee's letter to Mr Curgenven who is now doing the Secretary's work, though he (Dr Berkeley Hill) remains Secretary in name. However he has the 'Cause of the Acts...as much to heart as before'.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The Cause of the Acts which however I have as much at heart as before'

This links up with the letter from CW Shirley Deakin to Dr Carter 13 Feb 1872

'CD Acts Extension' - the heading of his letter was high in the list of aims of the Association. 'In 1871 Berkeley Hill writing to the Times said that petitions in favour of extension had been signed by 6 bishops, 10 deans, 42 clergymen and ministers, 24 Heads of College and 14 professors'. ('James Stansfeld' by JL Hammond and Barbara Hammond pp 132-4)

Biog: Berkeley Hill