Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

Scope and Content

Written from La Gordanne, pres Perroy (her sister's house where she was staying in the autumn of 1898).

Asks her to send her the speech of M. Bois at their Congress as she wants to translate a part for the 'Storm Bell'. 'Please read my Oct 'Storm Bell'. Asks her to send two dozen of her pamphlets, 'Hour before the dawn' French version 'Le point de jour' 1883; such a demand for it, French edition exhausted but they talk of a new edition in French.

Administrative / Biographical History

'having witnessed the poor Empress of Austria's last procession to the grave'

This was Elizabeth (1837-1898) consort of the Emperor Francis Joseph whom she married in 1854. On 10 Sep 1898 she was stabbed by an anarchist while going from her hotel at Geneva to the steamer on the lake

'at our Congress'

The International Congress of the Federation was held on 12-15 Jul 1898 in London

'The Storm Bell' A monthly newssheet written and published by JB

1st issue Jan 1898; last issue Jul 1900

'Hour before the Dawn': an Appeal to Men

This was a pamphlet published anonymously for the Social Purity Alliance in 1876

A French translation was published the same year in Paris. JB's name appeared on the title page of the 2nd ed in 1882

'Mr Curzon has consented to an interview with him [Mr Stuart] and Mr Wilson'

This was the later well known Lord Curzon (or Baron Curzon on his appointment as Viceroy end of 1898 and as Earl in 1911). He was MP for the Southport division of SW Lancashire; 1886-1898

1891-2 Under Sec of State for India

1895-8 Under Sec of State for Foreign Affairs

For later note on Lord Curzon (when Viceroy of India) see note letter (fragment) JB to (Miss Priestman) [28 Jun 1899]

Biog: Mrs Andrew & Dr Kate Bushnell, M de Morsier, George Nathaniel Curzon, Mr Grenville