Mr HJ Wilson to Mrs Tanner

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Copy of letter. Written from Sheffield. [JB handed over the running of the LNA to Mrs Tanner when the International Society was started early in this year and JB and HJW became its joint secretaries.

Asking her in what relation a Mr Burgess stood to the LNA and how far his activities are sanctioned by their Committee.


Henry J Wilson

North Counties' League


21 May 1875

Dear Mrs Tanner

I wish to ask you, confidentially, of course, in what relation Mr Burgess really stands to the Ladies National Association; how far his proceedings, circulars, etc. are really under the sanction of your Committee and by its direction; whether he is really your 'organising secty' as he signs himself; and if so, in what particular way he is expected to 'organise'.

I ask this because I am most anxious to be, and to seem to be, on the most friendly terms possible with all associations, but I think he is in danger of complicating matters somewhat

Our dear friend Mrs Butler exercised very little control over him I fancy; and now of course none. And in any case I cannot trouble her with this enquiry.

Yours very truly

Henry J Wilson

PS In many communications from him, and some of them very important, I do not remember that he has ever intimated that he had any instructions from your Committee

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'Mrs Butler exercised very little control over him I fancy; and now of course none'

The meaning of the last remark was of course JB's illness, which had struck her down in Apr and made her incapable of all work. Her doctor's orders were total rest for at least 3 months with freedom from all letters and discussions of her work

Biog: Mr William Burgess