Josephine Butler to Mrs Ford of Leeds

Scope and Content

Congratulates her on her memorial to Mr Gladstone. Strongly advises her to let Princess Louise alone, relating how she had embarrassed the Princess once by writing to her about women's suffrage, which she formally declines to have anything to do with, and then sent a private message that 'Lord Lorne and others of Her Majesty's advisers had thought it better that she should hold herself aloof from all such things'. JB therefore counselled her friend not to send anything as she was sure that 'that little prig Lord Lorne' would take care that nothing of that kind reached her (the Princess)

Her opinion of Cowper Temple was that he was not 'clever enough to be wolf in sheep's clothing'.

Administrative / Biographical History

Wednesday [? early in 1873]

Date: 3 clues for dating:

1. Lord Lorne (heir to the Duke of Argyll) married Princess Louise (4th daughter of Queen Victoria) in 1871. Lorne succeeded to his father in 1900

2. William Francis Cowper, MP (1811-1888) added the name of Temple to Cowper in 1869, and was created Baron Mount Temple in 1880

3. JB congratulates Mrs Ford on her 'memorial to Mr Gladstone'

Parliament was dissolved 24 Jan 1874 and in the ensuing election Gladstone's party was defeated and Conservatives were returned and Disraeli's 2nd Cabinet formed Feb 1874

Date of letter therefore was 1872 or early in 1873

Biog: Mr Gladstone; Princess Louise; Lord Lorne; Cowper Temple (Lord Mount Temple); Mrs Ford; Florence Nightingale