Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

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Photocopy of letter. Says she still has letters from comparative strangers about her book ['Recollections of George Butler' 1892] Stansfeld has appealed to her to start the agitation about India and the non observation of the repeal of the CD Acts, at once. He suggests as a start 'An appeal to all the religious press!'. She is sure her son will be glad to know that she 'can still be of some service without going to meetings or bustling about.' Recounts a visit to Wimbledon [the house of George and Mia, whom he married in Jan 1893]. Political comments on Asquith, Gladstone, Redmond, Davitt and Home Rule speeches. Says she would like to be taken to an amusing play now on. 'It is so long since I really laughed.'

Administrative / Biographical History


'The two ladies from India who are now giving evidence before the Departmental Committee' - The two American ladies Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew were appointed by the Central Society to go out to India and investigate the reports coming from India that the Act repealing the CD Acts was not being observed in the Cantonments. The Army was under the direction of The Commander in Chief, at the time, Lord Roberts and when the two ladies reported the results of their investigations, namely that the Repeal of the CD Acts was entirely disregarded by the Army authorities, Lord Roberts declared there was no foundation for the ladies' statement.

A result of this was the appointment on 7 Apr of a small Departmental Committee to take evidence. The first witnesses called were the two ladies. The evidence they gave was sent to India for comment and after some delay the ladies' statements were substantiated. (Further details are given in letter of 24 Aug 1893).

'about the dear book' This refers to the life of her husband entitled 'Recollections of George Butler' 1892 by Josephine Butler about which she is still receiving letters from 'almost strangers'.

'Aunt Emmy' This was Aunt Emily, JB's youngest sister, who married as her 3rd husband, EW Thomas. She was the mother, by her 2nd husband, Jasper Bolton of Rhoda (Stanley's wife) and 4 other children.

'Eiger' was the St Bernard dog left by Boss the Swiss innkeeper at Grindelwald.

(See letter of Feb 27 1885 JB to Stanley)

'There is a very amusing play every Wednesday, Saturday afternoon; will you take me to one please' The play in question was 'Charlie's Aunt' to which she and Rhoda went later on.

(See letter of 7 Jun 1893 JB to Stanley).

Biog: Mr McInnes MP for Hexham, Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew, Asquith, Gladstone, Redmond, Davitt, Mr Alfred Webb