Miss Leppington to Mr Wilson

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Written from Hill Farm, Cubbington

Declining but with great regret, the post offered. Refers to the recent British Committee meeting; was sorry to get no talk with him after the meeting. Mrs Amos and she were able to tell the Committee about the Brussels Conference [Sep 1899]. We 'drew its moral to the Bishops of London, Rochester and Winchester and I think they were all duly impressed'.

Administrative / Biographical History

'I am delighted to see in the 'Shield' the article from the 'Lancet' about Prof Fournier'

This appeared in the 'Shield' of Dec 1899 p 73, with the title 'M Fournier on the medical prophylaxis of Syphilis' (From the 'Lancet' of Dec 2)

'The Geneva Conference' was the annual Federation Conference held at Geneva on 19-22 Sep 1899. (For details see 'Shield' Oct 1899 p 60

'She and I between us told the Brussels story'

Refers to the Medical Conference held at Brussels 4-8 Sep 1899

Much argument beforehand as to whether members of the Federation should attend because the majority of those who attended it were ostensibly Regulationists. In the end the English attending it included: HJ Wilson, Dr Nevins, Dr Drysdale, Miss Leppington, Mr Bunting

(See letters of 21 Jan; 22 Apr 1899 and Report in the 'Shield' of Oct 1899, p 58)

Biog: Mr Cope, Mr Gregory, Mrs Amos, Mr Massingham