Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

Scope and Content

Written from Cheltenham.

Will she help her again? Mrs Catherine Booth-Clibborn has written to ask whether she and her husband can come to London to consult with her about the latest stage in the quarrel between them and General Booth. [for earlier details see letter of 30 Mar [1899] JB to Rhoda]. The old General has appointed a Commission for his officers to try Mr Clibborn (on the heresy charge of disbelief in hell fire and a refusal to preach it) Catherine thinks it likely they will both be expelled from the Salvation Army. JB though very fond of them both and sympathetic with their trouble, finds them the most overpowering couple she has ever met and she knows that her health now would never stand up to a long sitting with them. Would, therefore, Miss Forsaith or Mrs Terrell write for her and explain that she does not live in London but is now based on the North and has no intention of coming to London, and in addition she is worn out with the many shocks and sorrows she has experienced lately. She is at Cheltenham for only two days and has been to Leckhampton to see the graves of her Eva her sister Mrs Smyttan. She has read Miss Forsaith's last 'Shield' with interest.

Administrative / Biographical History

'dear Catharine Booth' This was a daughter of the Salvation Army General Booth. Earlier (see letter of 30 Mar 1899, JB to Rhoda) Catharine had told JB of her bitter dispute with her father on the question of preaching hell fire, because she maintained that she had never and would never proclaim such a doctrine.

'I read your last 'Shield' with interest.' This would have been the 'Shield' of Aug 1899, which includes among other things a full report of the Annual Meeting of the LNA the 36th anniversary of the Association at Exeter Hall, London on the evening of 3 Jul 1899. JB presided and also gave an address

Biog: Mr and Mrs Booth-Clibborn, Eva, Mrs Smyttan