Josephine Butler to [Stanley Butler]

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Photocopy of a fragment of a letter with first page missing.

Telling him about the letter received from Charlie from Africa when she and 'dear father' were staying at Amalfi [in 1889] telling her how he fell into an unused mine and received no worse injury than a broken wrist, and the old Canon had thanked God 'who had given his Angels charge over Charlie so that he did not dash his head against a stone'. She is longing to see them 'and above all to see my Bob again'

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'I recall how Charlie's letter told us at Amalfi of his falling into an unused mine and lying insensible and waking up with a broken wrist ...'

The Rev George and JB were at Amalfi Dec/Jan 1889/90. Rev George writes to his son George from there (13 Jan 1890) and says 'sad to think of you laid up with influenza at Blackheath and Charles with a broken wrist in the Transvaal'