Josephine Butler to Mrs Wilson

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First part deals with Federation circulars. Turning to the Continent she says she is in for hard work again. Has received defiant letters from Paris. M. Mettetal [see JB to Mr Stansfeld 12-14 Dec 1874 p 24.] says: 'Votre oeuvre est contraire a la religion, au science et a la moralitie. Vous eschourez completement'. Lecour [see JB to Mr Edmondson from Paris 15 Dec 1874] 'is trying to lay hands on both the poor Swiss girl [JB to Mr Stansfeld from Paris, 22-24 Dec 1874] and on Emma'. Obliged to write long letters again; not broken down 'but my head is very bad'.

Administrative / Biographical History


George Gillett, a Quaker and social worker. Concerned specially with traffic of young girls from England to the Continent


was the predecessor of Lecour, Head of the Police des Moeurs

'The poor Swiss girl'

The tale of the Swiss girl and her persecution by the French special police was told by JB in a letter to Mr Edmondson from Paris on 22 Apr 1874

'and on poor Emma'

A French girl whom JB had befriended and brought over to England. Reference to her in 7 Jun, 14 Aug, 23 Aug, 2, 10, 25 Sep, 7 Oct 1875

'I expect it is my pamphlet which has stirred the Paris police'

This would be 'Une voix dans le desert' published 1875. For note on this see letter of 31 Jul 1875 JB to Mr HJ Wilson

Biog: G Gillett; M Mettetal; Lecour; Emma; M Humbert