Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

Scope and Content

Photocopy of letter. Written from Newcastle.

Gives family news: Charlie has been ill; George is coming to take part at a meeting about Abyssinia. She has seen no one except the doctor for five days. She has just read Esterhazy's wonderful story in the Daily Chronicle. What a revelation it is! And so sensational. It is being quoted all through the European Press. I am beginning to be rather fond of Esterhazy!!!...surely he has got a first class certificate from Satan for lying.

Administrative / Biographical History

'Dr Hamilton always asks me about St Andrews. He wants to know - has St Andrews given up giving medical degrees? Will it begin again to give them?'

From James Stuart's 'Autobiography' p 135

'I attended regularly the meetings of the University Court during my 3 years' tenancy of office [He was Lord Rector 1898-1901]. The principal business that I had to deal with was the relationship of St Andrew's University to Dundee college and the question of the portions of medical teaching which should take place at St Andrews and Dundee respectively. A good deal of difference of opinion subsisted on these questions at the time of my election, but I think they were in a fair way of settlement by the end of my term of office.

[The final seal on this union was the visit (1901) by the Chancellor Lord Balfour of Burleigh to Dundee as part of an official ceremony thus emphasizing the harmony of St Andrews and Dundee as portions of the same University.]

Biog: Mrs Terrell, Esterhazy (see Dreyfus affair)