Julia F Solly to Miss Conybeare

Scope and Content

Written from Havelock Sq, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Her object in writing is to tell her about the CD Act and 'its stealing progress here'. The first notice of the extension that she saw was on 24 Jan in the 'Port Elizabeth Telegraph'; she had been on the outlook for it as the Magistrate and the doctor had bewailed that Uitenhage was not included on several occasions. A Presbyterian whom she informed said that he would certainly write to the paper (the result was given in a cutting enclosed from the PET, which says '...the subject is treated too plainly for the columns of a newspaper circulated generally among all classes'. Publication refused. She also found a notice in the Cape Argus. She wonders if the 'Revue of Revues' would notice it as it is pretty well read out there. The second sheet gives the press cuttings mentioned above. The writer thinks there is considerable feeling against the Act but it is unexpressed in public. She will try to collect more information.

Administrative / Biographical History

'Many thanks for the 'Pioneer'; I was much interested' - 'The Pioneer' was the monthly paper of the 'Social Purity Alliance' founded in 1873 ... The Committee of the Alliance is pledged to the Abolition of the State Regulation of Vice. (Taken from the Shield, Jan 1909 p.56)

'I enclose a cutting from the 'Cape Argus' about poor news, this I am sorry to add I think it was the best thing for her, she went downhill very rapidly.

'The Review of Reviews' This was started by WT Stead Jan 1890 when he abandoned daily journalism in favour of serious articles in current subjects of interest. Hence the query at the top of the statement on 'Case of Christian World Mr Stead put this into the 'Review of Reviews'? and again in her letter of 4 Feb 'Would the Review of Reviews notice it'