Josephine Butler to 'dear friends' [the Miss Priestmans]

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Written from [Winchester]. Fragment, last page only. Speaks of how she hates to see 'an accused woman wholly in the hands of men', especially in the case she has in mind, which was tried before Judge Stephen. The reforms she proposes are: (1) women to serve on Juries (2) a court of criminal appeal to be created (3) abolition of capital punishment. Suggest Report of LNA be sent to M. Humbert and Amelie before the Geneva Conference [see note]. Glad to say Naoroji will go to Geneva [see note]

Administrative / Biographical History

Aug [1889]

'The report of the LNA ... I would like M Humbert and Amelie to have our Report before the Geneva Congress'

The Annual Meeting of the LNA for 1889 was held in the Parlour, Exeter Hall, London, on 24 Jul at 3 pm. The Geneva Congress was held from 9-13 Sep 1889. This letter was therefore written after 24 Jul and before 9 Sep.

'I am glad to say Mr Naoroji will go to Geneva and speak for his 170 million fellow subjects of the Queen in India'

See letter of 29 May 1889 in which Naoroji is mentioned as a desirable Indian representative at the Congress.

Biog: Judge Stephen (Sir James Fitzjames); Mr Humbert and Amelie