Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friends' [Miss Forsaith etc.]

Scope and Content

Photocopy of a letter. Written from 2 Victoria Villas, Wooler, Northumberland.

She relates how a few days ago while lying on her bed at the early hour of dawn, her head full of thoughts about the cataclysmic happenings in south Italy, she had a vision which was to her 'a direct message from God'. It was the vision in the 47th chapter of Ezekial, how the holy waters issued from the holy place, the Temple, how these waters flowed eastwards and healed the waters of the Dead Sea which had overwhelmed Sodom...and they were healed. It was a message to her: 'the type of the Redemption of the worst...the typical sinners.' It foreshadowed a glorious Revival that could be coming to 'those poor Calabrians and all that almost heathen population of southern Italy.

She praises the bravery of the King and Queen of Italy who penetrated the dark city in order to visit the wounded in Hospital; also that of the Bersagliera who belong to the Waldensian sect. 'The late Pope was highly displeased with the late king Humbert because he used to go to the Waldensian Church in Rome with his Bersaglieri'.