Josephine Butler to the [Miss Priestmans]

Scope and Content

Fragment of a letter (first sheet missing). Written from [Wimbledon]. Hopes to make the 'Dawn' quite self supporting. Mr Burfoot has been helping with it and has succeeded in increasing the subscriptions, Discusses question of secretarial help for her and what the L.N.A could subscribe. The coming Brussels Conference has of course increased her need for this help. Mr Thomasson is ready to help with the travelling expenses of such delegates as cannot afford the full fare. About the American ladies [Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew] they 'will stay in London till Jun or Jul, so they will surely see you somehow' [The two ladies went out to India in Dec 1891 on their famous fact finding mission which occupied the winter months. They left India 15 Mar 1892]

Administrative / Biographical History

No date but refers to Brussels Conference which was in 1891 also refers to the American ladies Bushnell and Andrew who came over to England earlier in the year. See letter of 9 Mar 1891

'It seems by common consent to be agreed that I am to work up (alone as far as England is concerned) this Brussels Congress'

The International Federation Congress for 1891 was held 5-8 Oct at Brussels. JB began work on preparing for it in Apr. Reference to 'Friends' Meeting' that year which she would like to attend gives date of letter as before 21 May. (Ann Meeting Friends Association 21 May 1891). Probable date of letter last week in Apr, say 23 Apr.

'... believes that if he works hard and I try to make the 'Dawn' more interesting and useful, we could soon make it quite self supporting'

This is the beginning of part of letter (1st part missing) and refers to Mr Burfoot who is such a help to JB in organising distribution etc. of the 'Dawn' and her correspondence. (See letters of 24 Mar 1887; 24 Apr 1888; 15 Jul 1889; 30 Jan 1891; 11 Feb 1891).

'The American ladies'

i.e. Dr Kate Bushnell and Mrs Andrew

They went out in India in Dec 1891.

'I should like to go to your Friends Repeal Meeting once more'

The Priestmans were Quakers like so many of JB's friends and when in England JB liked to attend. Then annual meetings held in May.

Biog: Mr F Burfoot; S Tommasi-Cudeli; Mr Thomasson; M de Laveleye; Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew; Dr Schonleptnikoff