Report from M. Aime Humbert, Continental Agent of the Society to Josephine Butler

Scope and Content

Copy of the report made by Josephine Butler. Report written from Neuchatel. Since his return from working with her in Paris, he has been busy clearing up all other business so that he may devote himself to the great cause. He will oppose in the Chambers the proposal to set up a Federal University at Geneva 'so long as the system of regulated prostitution is maintained there'. He proposes to journey to Lausanne and Geneva to stimulate the Committees there. Anticipates a hard battle at La Chaux de Fonds. He regards the most important immediate task to be the publication of her European address in French and German to be 'constructed from the precious material of your various continental addresses'. He sees it as 'a defiance sent forth to all the European Authorities and Powers who maintain legal vice. JB hopes that her English friends will now understand the nature of the work undertaken by their European agent. Ten rules or directions for continuing the work begun by Mrs Butler on the continent are given.

Administrative / Biographical History

'I send you a German political newspaper of Bern containing an excellent article upon your Conferences held at Bern'

When JB left Paris she took a brief holiday with her family and then went to Italy where she established many contacts at Rome, Naples, Florence etc. She then went to Switzerland visiting Geneva, Neuchatel (the home of M Humbert), Lausanne and Bern where she had favourable receptions

'We shall have a hard battle to fight at Chaux du Fonds'

This a town in the canton of Neuchatel, situated at the highest altitude of any town in Switzerland. It is entirely devoted to industry, specialising in watches and clocks and precision instruments generally. [It supplied precision instruments to both sides in the Second World War]

'Now as to the most important matter of all - the publication of your European address'

This consisted of the best parts of all JB's speeches on the Continent made during the previous winter of 1874/1875. M Humbert was the able editor. These addresses spoken in French were never translated into English, but were translated year by year into other languages. The pamphlet was published by Sandoz & Fishbacher, Paris, 1875 in French and German under the title of 'Une Voix dans le Desert'

'The new medical journal of the English Abolitionists entitled 'Medical Enquirer'

See note for letter dated 7 Mar 1875 from Stansfeld to Dr Carter

Biog:M Aimee Humbert; Dr Guillaume; Appia