James Stuart, James Balfour and Lord George Hamilton

Scope and Content

Typed copy of five correspondence (12 Aug-9 Sep) between James Stuart, James Balfour and Lord George Hamilton

Concerning the possibility of Stuart, Henry J Wilson and Stansfeld studying the extent of venereal disease among the troops in India on a Select Committee.

'J Stuart to Lord George Hamilton'

'I have a note from Mr Balfour in reference to a line from me to him after his answer the other day to Major Rasch....'

Administrative / Biographical History

'Rough Record' 1896 No 745 30 Jul

'Lord G Hamilton in reply to Major Rasch said he regretted the reported increase in number of soldiers disabled from venereal.' Times 31 Jul

'Rough Record', No 762, 9 Sep

'Mr Stuart's correspondence with Mr Balfour and Lord George Hamilton commenced 12 Aug and continued to 9 Sep, the last letter endorsing an important 'memorandum' which is minuted in 'Re-enactment threatened in India' 4 p

'Rough Record' No 770 21 Sep

Soon after this date leaflet 'Contagious Diseases Act - Re-enactment threatened in India' was issued. It contained important Memorandum sent to Lord George Hamilton.

In the Memorandum they set out their reasons for not serving on the Committee.

Rough Record 1896 No 773, 9 Nov

'Lord George Hamilton appointed a Departmental Committee to examine the official returns of venereal disease among British troops in India, and to report what change, if any, have taken place during recent years in the prevalence of such disease and in its character and intensity'

Report but without any of the evidence, published on 19 Mar 1897'

'Rough Record' no 807, 18 Feb 1897

'Lord George Hamilton announces that the Department Committee consists of: Lord Onslow President; Sir Jao Peile; Sarg Maj Gen W Taylor; Sarg Col J Richardson

'Rough Record' no 816, 19 Mar 1897

'Report of India Office Department Committee (Lord Onslow's) issued, accompanied by Memorandum from the Army Sanitary Commission.'

Biog: Lord George Hamilton, Mr AJ Balfour, Mr Stansfeld, Major Rasch