Josephine Butler to Henry Wilson

Scope and Content

Written from Ewart Park, Wooler, Northumberland.

Marked 'Private'. Letter devoted to finances; first that she has managed to collect for the 'Guarantee Fund for the Geneva Office £260; secondly a subject on which she feels very earnestly about M Minod's salary. She outlines the work he has done for the Federation since he joined in 1876, first as M Humbert's 'assiduous secretary' and when M Humbert retired as responsible secretary single handed. His salary has always been but £200. A year and has never been raised. Even an agent working for the Society gets £400 a year. Also he has an invalid wife and four children at school. He has now asked if he can take a subsidiary job (4 hours a day) for £40 or £50 or would we prefer to release him and find another secretary. She broached the matter to Mr Stuart but he showed neither sympathy nor understanding, but he was very busy and rushed on each occasion; and then came his illness and then her own. Will he send this letter on to Mr Thomasson.

Administrative / Biographical History

'At our last International Conference in London.' This was held 12-15 Jul 1898.

'He [James Stuart] was loaded with business responsibility on account of the death of Mr Colman, and he being one of his Executors'

This was Stuart's father-in-law, Jeremiah James Colman, head of J&J Colman Ltd of Carrow Works, Norwich. He died in 1898 and Stuart then became a Director of J&J Colman.

'Then when he came to St. Andrews to be made Lord Rector' [See note on this in letter of 3 Nov 1898, JB to Stanley.]

'Through my little 'Storm Bell''

A monthly newspaper published by JB; ran from Jan 1898 to Jul 1900.

Biog: M Minod, Mr Pierson, Mr Thomasson, Mr Banks, Mme de Gingins, M Meurcoffre, M de Meuron, M Brudel, Miss Vidart, Mr James Stuart