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Letter signed by Josephine E Butler as Hononary President of the British Continental and General Federation to the Editor of the Auckland Star

She warns against the dangers of a 'Bruce's Bill' in New Zealand, a Bill in which the underlying evil principle 'was partially concealed by proposals of an unobjectionable and even desirable nature'. This is a 'policeman's Bill' and makes the fatal error of making the Police 'the Guardians of our morality.'

'Of such a nature precisely is the Bill which has been prepared by the 'Auckland Rescue Society'; the text of which I have studied is given in your journal. Its title and motives are for the suppression of immorality ... You will pardon me ... if I venture to warn your fellow citizens most earnestly against the adoption of such a measure ...'

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Mr Aldis' comment on this suggested Bill is contained in the 2nd part of his letters (9 Aug 1895)

Administrative / Biographical History

'We are most thankful for the latest news which has reached us - of the passing of a Repeal Bill through your House of Representatives'

'In New Zealand, a Repeal Bill, introduced by Mr Seddon the Prime Minister, very soon after the publication of Mrs Josephine Butler's beautiful appeal to the Women of New Zealand on this matter, passed through the Lower House, without a division'

Letter from W Steadman Aldis, Howick New Zealand 9 Aug 1895 printed in the 'Sentinel' Oct 1895 p 145

Josephine Butler's letter arrived on 11 Jun so that date of Repeal Bill passed in the Lower House would be later in that month.