Josephine Butler to 'My dear Professor' [James Stuart]

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Written from Lausanne. No year but other letters from Lausanne in May of this year.

Feels a prisoner because of the bad weather. She can only sit by the fire. She attended a synod of the Free Churches of Switzerland (50th anniversary of their succession from the national church). She will write a report and send it to Miss Forsaith. Has been discussing everything connected with the Colmar programme with M Minod, especially on the subject of 'prostitution treated as a crime' and the position of the Federation. Gives details of the set up at Colmar. Pastor Tophel of Geneva '(about the only Pastor there who dares denounce the Geneva villainy) made a speech describing the awful state of Geneva, the Palaces of debauchery, and the open patronage of them by the Government'. He had helped her much the last time she worked in Geneva. Refers to the sudden death of Sir Robert Peel. He lived in Geneva and Berne a good deal of his early life and mixed in Swiss politics. While there he gave £600 to endow a well appointed house of debauchery where 'respectable' foreigners could go; 'and there it is with his portrait in it'. Mentions the dedicated work Dr Agnes McLaren who had given up everything to work for the Cause in France. Mrs Sumner (Hatty's friend) came to visit from Geneva. Discusses future international exhibition at Strasburg. Mr Edmundson has sent a good paper

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Sir Robert Peel (1822-1895) 3rd bart diplomatic service and later MP