Josephine Butler to 'Dear Friend' [Miss Forsaith]

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Photocopy of an incomplete letter. Written from [Wooler, Northumberland]

She will be glad if Henry Wilson's view on the possible re-introduction of the CD Acts, though it is not quite shared by either Mr Stuart or Mr Gregory, proves the right one, i.e. that the authorities would not venture to re-introduce a system inadverte to the CD Acts. She thinks that the greatest danger lies in the ignorance of the new generation of all our past struggle. What concerns her at the moment is how the LNA is to be revived. Mrs Clothier and Mary Priestman are searching for a Treasurer and an Hon. Sec. may soon be needed. Above all they must all be watchful and be prepared 'to educate the new generations in our principles'.

She relates the story of her introduction to the Wilsons 'Mr And Mrs Wilson were not among the first pioneers...[and Sheffield] ...was one of the last towns I visited'. Mr Wilson's backwardness was 'caused by his ardent devotion to Mr Chamberlain, his MP then a liberal - Our Joe'.

She says she saw through 'our Joe' from the first. He never viewed their movement with favour, and 'he behaved very cavalierly to me when he was forced [as Mayor] to preside over a meeting in the Town Hall. He was the only chairman of the meeting who positively refused to give me his arm or to accompany me on to the platform. He only scanned me with his one eyed eyeglass, with contempt'.

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Biog: Mr & Mrs HJ Wilson; Mr James Stuart; Mr Maurice Gregory; Mr Burfoot; Mrs Clothier; Mary Priestman; Mr Joseph Chamberlain