Josephine Butler to her friends [the Priestmans]

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She sends a 'Suggested form of Petition from the LNA' as she is not quite satisfied with the first clause of the present version. One thing that troubles her is that 'the word 'repeal' has to be used now in the opposite sense to what it was used by us for 17 years. It is rather puzzling for humble people. We have always asked for Repeal and now we protest against Repeal.

Administrative / Biographical History

The events introducing again CD Acts in India and the Campaign against it were as follows:

Taken from Rough Record 1895

8 Feb No 703 - India Act No V to amend the Cantonment Act received the Assent of the Viceroy. This Act prohibits all examination Registration etc.

3 May No 713 - India New Rules brought into force under the Cantonment Act 1889 superseding Rules brought into force 5 Jul 1890.

25-26 Sep No 723 - Sunday newspapers 'some startling facts with reference to the health of the troops in India'. Alarmist allegations intended to facilitate reimposition of Regulation.

Rough Record 1896

9 Sep No 762 - Mr Stuart's correspondence with Mr Balfour and Lord George Hamilton commenced 12 Aug and continued to 9 Sep. The last letter enclosing an important 'memorandum' which is printed is 'Re-enactment threatened in India'

21 Sep No 770 - Soon after this date leaflet 'Contagious Diseases Acts Re-enactment threatened in India' was issued. It contained Memorandum sent to Lord George Hamilton [see no 762 above]

9 Nov No 773 - Lord George Hamilton appointed a Departmental Committee to examine the official returns of venereal disease among British troops in India, and to report what change, if any, have taken place in recent years in the prevalence of such disease and in its character and intensity - Report but without any of the evidence, published 19 Mar 1897. (Lord Onslow President).

Rough Record 1897

19 Mar No 816 - Report of India Office Dept Committee (Lord Onslow's) issued, accompanied by memorandum from the Army Sanitary Commission.

30 Mar No 825 - Conference of anti-Regulationists at St Martin's Town Hall, addressed by Mr McLaren (Chairman) Sir J Stansfeld, Prof Stuart, HJ Wilson and others'

30 Mar No 825A - 'Protest' against proposed re-enactment of Regulation in India signed by Bishops wives, Mrs Butler and may other well known ladies.

Apr 1 No 829 - Despatch of Lord G Hamilton to Govt of India, dated 26 Mar, regarding the 'Measures to be adopted for checking the spread of VD' and suggesting that VD should be included with those to be notified under the Cantonment rules of 1895, published.

1 Apr No 830 - H J Wilson circulates his typewritten first thoughts on above Despatch.

8 Apr No 837 - Lecture at United Service Institution by Major CB Mayne RF against Regulation in India ... Mr HJW and others took part. (Lecture issued as a pamphlet, 'How far past legislation, etc.' end Jul or early Aug.

15 Apr No 841 - Important Memorial submitted to Lord George Hamilton in reference to his despatch of 26 Mar, by the Br Committee. Afterwards issued as Party Paper (see No 829).

24 Apr No 843 - A Memorial in favour of State Regulation of Vice was forwarded to Lord GH by the Princess Christian and other Princesses, Duchesses and 'Society' ladies. Issued afterwards as [C8495] of 1897.

21 Apr No 844 - A notice of Lady H Somerset's letter to Lord GH in reference to his Despatch of 26 Mar 1897 published in Times [of 21 Apr], which gave 6 propositions. (Also in D Mat of 24 Mar).

This was issued in pamphlet form about 25 May but was never issued as a Party Paper.

May No 846 - The 'Shield' revived 1st no issued about May 8 1897.

14 and 17 May, No 850 - 2 nights debate in House of Lords on motion of Earl of Dunnaven that a further inquiry should be made into the effect of VD. Roberts, Lister, Cambridge, Lansdowne, Onslow, Roay, Kimberley, all supported the Acts; only speakers to urge anything on the moral side were the Archbishop of C and the Bishop of Southwell.

21 May No 853 - Conference of Br Committee at St Martin's Town Hall. Prof Stuart's speech printed separately and issued on and after 16 Jul.

25 May - No 854 - Times publishes text of 'Princesses' memorial in favour of Regulation (see no 843 24 Apr).

26 May No 837 - Lady HS's letter to Lord GH issued as a pamphlet.

29 May No 858A - Prof Stuart issues a short statement for a position. Circular issued on behalf of and dated from Office of Br Committee.

2 Jul No 880A - Prof Stuart sends LNA Memorial (61,437 signatures) to Lord GH.

6 Jul No 881 - Meeting, Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield - Archdeacon Wilson

6 Jul - No 883 - LNA St Martin's Town Hall Mrs Butler presided - 'Truth before everything' on sale - its 1st appearance.

21 Jul No 888 - Women's Committee of Friends' Assoc reply to Princesses.

22 Jul No 889 - Bill repealing Act V of 1895 passed by the Legislative Council at Simla of 1895. By this retrograde step the way was opened for restoring regulation which was done in a modified form.

23 Jul No 893 - 'Star' announces Lady HS's resignation as President of BWTA.

29 Sep No 915 - 'Reply' by Dr K Bushnell and Mrs Andrew to Lady HS's proposals.

15 Oct No 925 - Cantonment Regulations General Order No 1148.

29 Nov No 934 - Mrs Butler resigned her office in the WWCTU.

Rough Record 1898

7 Feb 1898 - Lady HS's 'retraction' appeared in some papers.