Miss Forsaith to Henry Wilson

Scope and Content

Written from Temperance Hotel, Wooler, Northumberland

Deals first with business connected with the 'Shield', and then relates JB's answers to her questions about Mr Stansfeld. JB agrees with HW that some life of Sir James ought to be written. Lady S. asked her to do it, but she felt she could not undertake it.

Administrative / Biographical History

'He [Mr Stansfeld] did however resign over the Mazzini business'

'Towards the end of Feb 1864, four Italians were brought to trial in Paris on a charge of attempting to assassinate Napoleon III'

Mazzini was attacked as the instigator of the plot and Stansfeld was involved as a friend of Mazzinis and the fact that Mazzini and his friends had made use of his house for letters

Stansfeld at once offered to resign but Palmerston refused to allow this

Finally however owing to further attacks and innuendoes Stansfeld on Apr 4 sent his resignation to Palmerston

For details of this see Life of James Stansfeld by J Hammond and Barbara Hammond 1932, ch 5

At Stansfeld's death in 1898 Lady Stansfeld asked JB if she would write his life 'but Mrs Butler felt she could not undertake it'

An authoritative life was not written till 1932 of him by the Hammonds (see above)

Biog: Miss Forsaith; Sir James Stansfeld; Maurice Gregory; Mazzini