Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

Scope and Content

Photocopy of letter. Written from [Wimbledon]. Tells of Mia St. Paul [later to become George's wife] and of how she wished to know Stanley and Rhoda. She asked Stuart why he never put any foreign news in the 'Star' [Stuart had taken over the editorship of the 'Star' in 1890. That and the 'Daily News' were the only two newspapers which supported the CDA campaign] and wrote him an article signed 'Cosmopolitan' which he put in his paper at once and asked for more. She is having a Special Meeting at her house next Wednesday of the Executive Committee of the Federation to discuss recent adverse happenings on the Continent involving action of the German Emperor and of the Italian Government. Good news of Josephine [who is with her] she 'is so well and frisky', even a London fog has not affected her spirits.

Administrative / Biographical History

'Mia was here' This was Mia St Paul who was married to George G Butler 19 Jan 1893; she was a kinswoman of Josephine and had been her ward.

'Aunt Emmy' This was JB's youngest sister Emily, mother of Rhoda Bolton (m to Stanley) and at this time married to Mr Thomas (her 3rd husband) and living at Gloucester.

'The German Emperor' This was William II eldest child of Prince Frederick of Prussia and 2nd German Emperor, and of Victoria eldest daughter of Queen Victoria. He succeeded his father 15 Jun 1888 who ascended the Throne, a sick man, 1 Mar 1888 and only reigned a few months.

'you should both [i.e. Stanley and his wife] stop at some time on your way south and visit all the relatives in (?) Glendale, a day with each, Mary Rea would like to see you, and Christian and Mia.

Mary Rea b 1856 was a daughter of George Annett Grey of Milfield (brother of JB) (1815-1886). She married 1883 George Grey Rea of Doddington CBE.

Christian Margaret daughter and heiress of George Grey of Middle Ond m 1878 George Grey of Mildfield 2nd son of George Annet Grey and had 7 children.

Mia daughter of St Horace St Paul who married Jan Eliza daughter of George Annet Grey of Milfield and Elizabeth Boyd. Mia married George Grey Butler (eldest son of JB) in 1893.

All these 3 mentioned are therefore cousins of JB's sons.

In Belgium they were honestly set on complete abolition but are shaken by the action of Italy who have restored the old system and repudiated reform. In Germany there has been a constant fluctuation between abolition and regulation but in no case has the State regulation of Vice been completely done away with. In Germany at the same time as enacting the Criminal Law Amendment Act (copied from England) the Emperor proposed 're-establishing the 'Houses'. (The Dawn Dec 1891 p.3)

'The Star' James Stuart had taken over the editorship of 'The Star' in 1890. That and the 'Daily News' were the only two daily newspapers which supported the anti CDAs campaigns.

'I am having a very important Conference here on Wednesday afternoon' This was a special meeting of The Executive Committee of the Federation held at Wimbledon 18 Nov 1891. Present: PW Bunting in The Chair; Prof Stuart and Mrs Butler, English Treasurer and Secretary, M Minod Secretary at Central Office of Federation at Geneva. Friends and Consultative members: Mr Gledstone, Mr G Johnson, Mrs Thomas, Miss Forsaith.

The Chief subjects before the Committee were

1 The position in Italy

2 The position I Belgium

3 The action of the German Emperor

'a copy of our Criminal Law Amendment Act'

This Act received the Royal Asset 14 Aug 1885 having been rushed through Parliament following on Stead's revelations in his articles in The Pall Mall Gazette on the traffic in young girls from England to the Continent. The Act raised the age of consent from 13 to 16.

'at the same time to re-establish the 'Houses' and skill the women as only 'I' can in my 'fatherly concern for the good of my people'

This was term the 'Kaserninung', i.e. the placing of unfortunate women in barracks, in order that they may be more effectually drilled by the State police' (The Dawn Dec 1893 p.15)

Biog: Mia Butler (nee St Paul); Mary Rea and Christian; Mrs Thomas (Aunt Emmy); William II, German Emperor; Baerneets; Le Jeune (The Minister of Justice); Prof Emile de Laveleye