Emilie A Venturi to Mr Wilson

Scope and Content

Written from 14 Milbourne Grove, West Brompton, London SW. Starts with a criticism of Mr Applegarth who has written in praise of Massey's conduct as Chairman of the Royal Commission. Refers to the 'Government's infamous doings in China, Japan and India.' But on the whole she thinks the work is going on well.

Administrative / Biographical History

The year in letter is given as 1872 but this must be a mistake for 1873 - see notes below

'his [Applegarth] letter to the 'Shield' as well as the letter to working men in praise of Massey's conduct as Chairman of the Royal Commission' - The letter of R Applegarth to the Ed of the 'Shield' ('Shield' 30 Nov 1872 p 466) was to protest about their comments on his 'Tiverton letter', a letter addressed to the working men of that place and supporting Mr Massey's candidature on the ground of his conduct as Chairman of the Royal Commission, because he 'never failed to evince the greatest anxiety for the welfare of our class' (Comments of the 'Shield' on the Tiverton letter are to be found in the 'Shield' 16 Nov 1872 p 1147). The fact that Massey was not in favour of Repeal and had been the reverse of sympathetic to JB when he examined her before the Royal Com did not dispose the Repealers in favour of Massey and Applegarth was treated with suspicion for some time after this incident

'The New Year's 'Shield' will open with a thorough exposure of the Government's infamous doings in China, Japan and India'. See 'Shield' 4 Jan 1873 p 1195. An article containing quotations from the official reports of the agents of our Govt in India, China and Japan with the heading: A Mission to the Heathen-Proceedings of our Christian Government in India, Japan and China

Biog: Mme Venturi; Robert Applegarth; HA Bruce; HCE Childers; WN Massey