Josephine Butler to 'Catty' Stanley Butler

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Photocopy of letter. They were both very relieved to get his postcard and know that he was safe. Recently there had been so many fatal accidents while climbing in the alps, and all the experts have been wrangling in the 'Times' about Alpine accidents. His father has been asked to preach the Latin sermon at the University Church for the opening of the term and has accepted. Written at some length on the thought that is ever with her; if only he 'were filled with the true faith, and had the habit of real and earnest prayer'. She cannot be quite happy till 'you are with me, and can see the prospect too'.

Dated: Sunday

Administrative / Biographical History

'Uncle Monty': This was a brother of the Rev George, Dr Harry Montagu Butler who was Headmaster of Harrow 1859-1885 and then went on to be Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. 'Cat or Catty': Was the family pet name for Stanley. 'The Gordonne': This was the Swiss home of Hatty Meuricoffre (JB's sister married to a Swiss banker) where she so often entertained JB and the whole family. It was a house near Geneva. 'If I go to Paris I must leave here next Friday.' This refers to the International Conference of the Federation held at Paris that year beginning on 24 Sep 1878. Biog: Henry Montagu Butler; Tyndall; The Closes.