Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith

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She regrets the very pessimistic utterances of some preachers and writers which will cause many Christian hearts to 'fail in despair' . She describes the opening that God had given her in South Africa through 'her saintly South African friend Mr Allan!'. He sees that 'there will be a diabolical effort to blight all the good of the Peace [Peace with the Boers signed 31 May 1902] and the efforts of the missionaries by the carrying our of this horrid system [i.e. State Regulation] He wants her to write to all the 'public spirited' men in the Colony and the Transvaal and gives her lists of such men. She can write 'a useful and stirring appeal' but she will have to appeal to the Committee for the money for the printing. The Committee will also have to do the official work by sending printed literature to all the important people in South Africa; men such as Kitchener and Milner out there and in London such men as Sir Gordon Spriggs and Chamberlain should be approached. She is now going for three or four weeks to Malvern where Charles, his wife and baby will join her.

Administrative / Biographical History

1 [Jul 1902]

'all the good of the Peace'

After a long negotiation ending in the assembly of a body of delegates at Vereeniging the Peace called after that place was signed on 31 May 1902

(Ensor England 1870-1914 p 347)

'Charles and his wife and babies will join me' Charles married Margaret Talbot 31 Aug 1897. There were 2 children, Rosalind b 1898 and Job b 1901

Biog: Dr Moule (Bp of Durham), Mr Allan (Cape colony), Hugh Price Hughes (1847-1902), Kitchener, Milner, Sir (John) Cordon Sprigg (1830-1913), Chamberlain, Mr JW Johnson