Josephine Butler to Mr Edmondson

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Written from Liverpool. She is anxious to go to Halifax to address working women on the subject of Mundella's Bill. What Mundella most dreaded was petitions from the persons affected by it. She writes at some length about Mr Stansfeld who is going through a difficult time 'he has been deeply moved on many subjects and most on the greatest of all subjects.' She would be glad to know his ideas as to how he (Mr S.) might best serve every good cause. They are aiming to have a large meeting in London about the time of the meeting of Parliament, and Mr Stansfeld says we must get 30 or 40 MPs on the platform.

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'Mundella's Bill'

This was the Nine Hours Bill which AJ Mundella wished to introduce to limit women's hours of work. JB was against it and felt that if the women understood how the Bill could work against their interests they would see the importance of sending up Petitions against it

'In 1874 Mundella introduced a Bill to reduce the hours of labour for children and young persons in textile factories from 60 to 54 hours. Although his Bill did not become law he brought about by his agitation in this matter the passing in the same year of Mr Cross' [Home Sec in Disraeli Govt] Factories (Health of Women) Act, which effected most of his objects' (DNB)

'The action of the Friends is glorious'

Biog: Mr Edmondson, Mr Stansfeld, Miss Wolstenholme (Mrs Elmy), Arthur Albright, Mr Stuart, Mr Henry Fawcett, Mr Mundella