Evangelist H Lenhart [to Josephine Butler]

Scope and Content

Extract from letter (original German letter and English translation). Written from Braunschweig. He asks for help and advice for a young girl who was living in that town under police control. She wished to leave it but owed the house 300 Marks and by the law could not leave it till she had paid the debt. He begs them to aid him to advance this sum to the girl.

This appeal was sent to JB, who wrote Miss Forsaith on the 19 Jan begging her to try to get help and to explain to the German pastor that she is old and confined to bed.

Mr Alex Coote of the National Vigilance Association wrote to Miss Forsaith on 22 Feb that he was referring Mr Lenhart's letter to the President of their Committee in Berlin and if they did not take the matter up he will see to it himself.

Miss Pappritzka to Miss Forsaith 23 Feb 1902 thanks her for sending her Lenhart's letter from Braunschweig: she will write Lenhart and also the official powers in Braunschweig.

Finals news sent by Lenhart. Quite unexpectedly they received 300 Marks and were able to obtain the girl's release, so that when Miss Pappritzka's lines reached him the girl was already in the hands of her family.