Mrs Maggie Edwards Cole to Josephine Butler

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Written from Montreal, Canada.

Mrs Cole was asked by the chief paper of the Capital to attend the Toronto Convention [of the WCTU Woman's Christian Temperance Union] and though she had been feeling ill she went. Her indignation over the election of Lady Henry Somerset was such that she promised the editor of the Northern Messenger to make a thorough study of the subject and write it up for her paper. She has now resigned her entire connection with the WCTU 'When you return I'll return'

Note by JB asks Miss Forsaith to read the letter and send the writer 'just a word of loving sympathy from me, and perhaps 'Truth before Everything' and my last letter to Miss Willard. She seems so thorough'.

Administrative / Biographical History

'My whole being was filled with indignation over the election of Lady Henry Somerset'

Lady Henry tendered her resignation of the office of President of the BWTA on account of opposition of some members to her scheme for dealing with disease in the Indian Army; but at a meeting of the National Executive held in London on 28 Jul they expressed their confidence in Lady Henry as President of the BWTA and hoped she would continue to stay at that office.

(See the Shield Aug 1897 p 36)

'At the beginning of the Convention the Executive Committee of the World's WCTU which elects the officers re-elected Miss Willard as President and Lady Henry Somerset as Vice-President. It also reelected Mrs Butler as Suptd of the Purity Department'

('Shield' Dec 1897 p 59).

Only the election of the WWCTU was the concern of Mrs Cole.

For further information about the Toronto Convention of the World's WCTU, 26 Oct, See notes letter of 3 Jun 1897 JB to Miss Forsaith.

'send her [Mrs Cole] just a word of loving sympathy from me and perhaps 'Truth before everything'

A pamphlet written by JB and published in 1897.

See note letter of 7 Aug 1897, JB to Miss Priestman

Biog: Lady Henry Somerset, Mr Gregory, Miss Willard