Mrs Butler to Dames Russes (Lettre addressee a Mlle. Nad. Stassoff)

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Photocopy of letter. Written from 280 South Hill Park Road, Liverpool. She stresses the need for like-minded women in all countries to act together; the very struggle for their rights should be invigorating and the philosophy which proclaims the equality of all human beings is a sound basis for their struggle.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The 1st no of our Magazine 'Now-a-days' is out'

See note letter of Apr 1869 JB to Mme Troubnikoff. A book has been published by John Stuart Mill 'The subjection of women' which has electrified the public by its boldness'

'The subjection of women', 1869 - This was his last book, written in 1861. (Except his Autobiography 1873). His step daughter Miss Helen Taylor co-operated in this book which was partly also the product of conversations with her mother

'The Education of girls as well as boys has at last been brought before the attention of our Parliament' - Note on education of the female sex

Letter of JB to Mme Troubnikoff Apr 1869

'Another book has just come out ... of which I am the Editor' - It is a series of Essays by men and women. This was the volume of essays collected by JB and published by Macmillan in 1869 - under the title of Woman's work and Woman's culture'

In her introduction 'which became the most widely read and well considered section of the book' JB urged the proper training of women for skilled employment, the lack of which would only encourage prostitution. She also commented openly on the Contagious Diseases Acts. A large part of the introduction is taken up with an account of the state of women's education all over Europe. To secure material for this JB corresponded with educational leaders in Europe and America. It is a book that is still read and used by those interested in social history

Biog: John Stuart Mill; Miss Jessie Boucherett; Miss Wolstenholme (Elmy)