Mrs Elizabeth Andrew to 'My dear friend' [Miss Forsaith]

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Written from 17 Park Circus Place, Glasgow.

Asking her to secure a copy of the latest World's WCTU [Women's Christian Temperance Union] Report to be sent by mail to Mrs Leavitt, Boston. They have had difficulty in getting a copy (it almost seems they are preventing its circulation). We are sending her their leaflet on the 'lowering of WCTU standards. Glad to hear that JB's little book 'Prophets and Prophetesses' is being brought out in book form. Gives directions about the distribution of their book 'The Queen's Daughters' 12,000 are to be sent to Miss Forsaith on completion and out of these 1,000 are to be sent on immediately to Mr Samuel Cooke who will himself see to their distribution. They have had good meetings since they last wrote, but she has suffered from a heavy cloud of oppression. The next day they return to Southport and later go on to Manchester.

Administrative / Biographical History

'We are sending to her one leaflet on the 'Lowering of BWTA Standards'

See note letter of 1 Mar 1898 Mrs Andrew to Miss Forsaith

'What was the nature of the accident to Mrs Butler's son George'

This happened in 1894. George was thrown while riding and suffered terrible head injuries

See letters at the time of the accident from JB, Apr and May 1894 and a letter with greater detail written by JB 18 Jan 1906

'Prophets and Prophetesses' was published by Mawson, Newcastle in 1898

Biog: Mrs Leavett, Miss Slack, Annie Smith, Mr Maurice Gregory, Mr Samuel Cooke, Mrs Gledstone