Josephine Butler to Mrs Wilson

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Written from Liverpool. Says she is thinking constantly of their kindness and the trouble they have taken for her. Fears they have been much overworked over the Bill for Repeal [see note]. Asks if they can do something about Mr Nathan being given the title of 'Italian Correspondent of the British and Continental Federation'. Also to tell Mrs Lundie about her (JBs) serious illness, as a friend staying there was much hurt at being turned away. She improves a little every day, but can't yet write a letter for herself. They all leave home on the 18th.

Administrative / Biographical History

Date: 'After the debate is over I hope you will both relax.' - 23 Jun 1875. Sir Harcourt Johnstone's Bill for Repeal of CD Acts thrown out. (Only other name on back of Bill was that of Mr James Stansfeld) Ayes 126; Noes 308 (Rough Record 304 and 'Shield' 1 Jul 1875 p 185). Date therefore shortly before 23 Jun.

'I fear you are much overworked ... it is terrible work up to the last moment.'

Official dates connected with Bill: 23 Jul 1874 Sir Harcourt Johnstone gave notice to introduce a Repeal Bill in the next session of Parliament. (Rough Record 277A); 3 Mar 1875 Meeting at St James Hall, London, in support of Sir Harcourt Johnstone's Bill. (Rough Record 292).

'Mrs Lundie' was a sister of Mrs Wilson. See letter of 17 May 1875 Stansfeld to Mrs HJ Wilson in which he refers to 'your brother-in-law'.

Biog: Mr J Nathan; Emma; Mrs Lundie; Mary Bonar; Dr Carter