AP Stanley to Rev George Butler

Scope and Content

Photocopy of letter. Writing from Canterbury. He encloses 'A Testimonial such as you ask for' also an amusing letter from Butler's brother, Arthur, dealing with current affairs. He asks Butler not to suppose from the expressions used in the letter that he (AP Stanley) is an advocate of the Russian occupation of Constantinople. (See Note)

Administrative / Biographical History

9 Dec [?1876]. Arthur Pennhyn Stanley. The Butlers called their second son Arthur Stanley after Arthur Pennhyn Stanley who also stood as his godfather. Stanley was Professor of ecclesiastical history at Oxford from 1856-1863 and so overlapped for a time with the Butlers who resided at Oxford 1852-1857. He was also one of George Butler's friends when they were both undergraduates. 'Canterbury'; In 1851 Stanley was appointed Canon of Canterbury which he kept till he was made Dean of Westminster in 1864. 'I enclose you also a letter ... just received from your brother Arthur ... You must not suppose from some of his expressions that I am advocate of the Russian occupation of Constantinople'. This refers to the Russo-Turkish war which began 24 Apr 1877. Great Britain declared neutrality subject to certain vital interests being respected such as the recognition by Russia of inviolability of Constantinople, with the navigation of the straits. Finally Russia after advancing as far as Adrianople granted Turkey an armistice. This was followed by the famous Congress of Berlin (13 Jun-13 Jul 1878) when Beaconsfield scored his triumph. This would date the letter in the period before the final Treaty of Berlin in 1878, when the Russo-Turkish war was still in progress or in the argumentative period before hand, say, 1876. 'Your brother Arthur'; This was Arthur Grey Butler (1831-1909). George's younger brother and a great friend of the George Butler family. In 1876 he went back to Oxford as dean and tutor at Oriel College. (For further details see Biog Index) Biog: Arthur Pennhyn Stanley; Arthur Grey Butler.