Josephine Butler to Mrs Wilson

Scope and Content

Written from Liverpool. Reports that their Committee (the LNA) have decided to use Burgess and Bligh to work the whole of Wales; they are to attack those places first which are represented by opponents. Please to tell Bligh to report to Liverpool as soon as possible. Refers to GO Trevelyan's supporting the proposal to extend the franchise to agricultural workers, yet makes no mention of the exclusion of all women.' Women cannot always depend 'on the self sacrificing efforts of noble men like your husband.'

Administrative / Biographical History

'School Board' - There were voluntary bodies set up in 1870 to run the new schools to educate the nation's children in the Three Rs. Many well known people such as Dr Garrett Anderson, Miss Lydia Becker were active on them (they were open to men and women).

'Electoral Union in the Midland Counties'

See note in letter from JB to Mr HJW end of Sep 1872 on 'Midland Counties Electoral Union'

'Mr Fowler ... to support him with Petition'

See note on Mr Fowler's Repeal Bill JB to Mrs McLaren 27 May 1871

'Giving the vote to the agricultural labourers'

The Act of 1867 which extended the franchise to the industrial workers. It was not until 1884 when agricultural labourers were enfranchised. It has sometimes been said that JB was not interested in women suffrage but her constant re-iteration of views such as we read here refute this

Biog: Trevelyan, Sir George Otto