Josephine Butler to Stanley Butler

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Photocopy of letter. Written from 15 Great Queen Street, Westminster, London. She feels sorry for Charles Parker as since his illness which has left him deaf he is out of Parliament, and says he has lost so many friends. She has enjoyed going about with Rhoda (one day they hired a coupe and made a round of calls). She also attended Lady Henry Somerset's meeting in St James's Hall, crowded and very good speeches. Makes critical remarks about Mrs Stuart who is only interested in 'going to receptions and genteel things', all of which is 'so chilling for poor Stuart'. Rhoda had suddenly to leave her lodging because when she returned there on the Monday night she found her landlady abusively drunk; so she took refuge with the Stuarts. Describes an enjoyable evening Rhoda and she spent when they dined at the House of Commons with Mr Colman (brother of Mrs Laura Stuart) and the Stuarts. She is going with Rhoda and her mother (Josephine Butler's sister, Mrs Thomas) to see 'Charlie's Aunt' as a little light relief after so much hard work. But the Committee have voted her money so that she can have Burfoot every day for three weeks work. She thinks she will go to Wandsworth again as she begins to be very tired.

Administrative / Biographical History

'15 Great Queen St' The home of Charles Parker, a very old friend of the Butlers - he and Rev George Butler were up at Oxford together.

'Marie Griffin' was the daughter of Edit Leupold (da of Eliza, JB's eldest sister). She married Sir Lepal Griffin.

'he [Walter McLaren] is now Chairman of our Repeal Committee' - That is the Repeal Committee for the CD Acts in India for which JB did so much work (with her pen)

'I think I shall go to Wandsworth again on Saturday' - A return to her sister's house, 419 Wandsworth Road, SW where she had been staying since her return from France at the end of Mar 1893.

' I was grieved that I did not call for Rhoda on Friday to take her to Lady H Somerset's mass meeting in St James's Hall' - Date of letter was 7 Jun, which was a Wednesday and the Friday before that would be 2 Jun 1893.

This meeting was in response to an invitation from the WWCTV to a meeting on 2 Jun 1893 at St James's Hall with Regulation of Vice as the current topic. It was also announced that Dr Bushnell and Mrs Andrew would report the results of their mission.

Lady Henry Somerset presided and opened the proceedings; other speakers besides the two ladies from India, were Mrs Butler, Miss Willard and others. For further details see The 'Dawn' 1 Jul 1893 p.22.

'The previous evening Rhoda and I had dined at the House of Commons with Mr Colman and the Stuarts ... old Colman is a kind man'.

This would be Russell Colman brother of Laura who had married James Stuart. The father Jeremiah Colman was still alive (he died in 1898) but it was not very likely that he was with them. At his death James Stuart became a Director of J&J Colman Ltd, Carrow Works, Norwich.

Biog: Charles Parker, The Campbells, Marie Griffin, The Galtons, Spencer Butler, The Vanes, Lady Henry Somerset, Mrs Laura Stuart, Lady Carlisle, Lady Aberdeen, Mr Colman, John Burn, Eva McLaren, Walter McLaren