Helen Wilson to Henry J Wilson

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Written from 381 Glossop Road, Sheffield.

Giving general impressions after perusal of the papers [from Brussels Congress]: total absence of triumph or jubilation as to results accomplished by regulation: maisons tolerees are inclined to die out; hospital accommodation is insufficient; the diseased should be treated as patients not criminals. But 'We could see no indications of readiness to give up Regulation, and scarcely any allusion to the possibility of diminishing the amount of vice.'

Administrative / Biographical History

'The general impressions left on our minds by perusal of those papers were as follows.' These were the papers about the Medical Congress at Brussels on 4-8 Sep 1899 which Rev HP Jones mentioned in his letter of 15 Sep to Henry J Wilson

'from Dr Agnes McLaren a note greatly regretting her inability to go to Geneva'

'I hope you will have ... a successful Conference'

These both refer to the International Conference of the Federation held on 19-22 Sep 1899 at Geneva

'It seems that John Morley's meeting last night was pretty stormy'

John Morley as a Liberal was out of office between 1895-1905, when Conservative governments were in. By 1899 the tide had hardly begun to turn and a Liberal meeting may well have met stormy opposition

Biog: Dr Helen Wilson, Dr Agnes McLaren, John Morley