Dr Hooppell to Mr Wilson

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Written from Clophill Rectory, Ampthill. Gives his views about the type of man to be summoned to the meeting at Sheffield; necessary qualifications; 'thorough-going decided, earnest, influential' and their watchword must be 'Total Immediate, Unconditional Repeal before all things and above all things.' Referring to the recent election campaign he says 'It is a pity no one seems to have been prepared to refute Childers' tremendously false assertions. A Public Meeting would have afforded a capital opportunity of exposing Childers' absolute ignorance of the whole subject.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The meeting'

See Dr Hooppell's letter of 6 Aug on the same subject with note

'Childer's tremendously false assertions'

This was at the Pontefract By-election (polling 15 Aug 1872). The Repealers were in strength and some rowdy scenes ensued. (An account of this election written by an 'eye witness' may be read in the 'Shield' 17 Aug 1872 p 1043)

and a further note on this election may be found 23 Aug 1872

Biog: Rev Dr Hooppell, Mr HCE Childers, Mr HA Bruce MP, Rev CS Collingwood, Ogilvy, Mr Frederick Clark