Mrs Elizabeth Andrew to 'dear friend' [Miss Forsaith]

Scope and Content

Written from Southport.

Asks when the little manifesto from JB, Mr Wilson. Mr Stuart etc. asked for by the Conference last Monday will appear. It was arranged to send a leaflet throughout the Dominion of Canada, to contain a statement on the CD Acts, Lady H's scheme and JB's letter of resignation. Now their propaganda is stopped 'for they will be knocked senseless by this letter of retraction'. The whole thing was neatly arranged between Lady H and Miss Willard as can be seen by the letter accompanying Lady H's recantation.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The Canadian women had ordered 15,000 copies of a leaflet to contain:

1. Statement of the CD Acts

This was in the 1st issue of the 'Storm Bell' which was treated by JB as a leaflet to give to those who knew little of the movement.

2. Lady H's Scheme

Printed in the 'Times' 21 Apr 1897 and in 'Shield' May 1897, p.7

3. JB's Letter of Resignation

Letter of 27 Sep 1897 and printed in 'Shield' Nov p 50

'This letter of Retraction'

See note Letter of 17 Feb 1898, Mrs Andrew to Miss Forsaith

'The Perth meeting ... it is now arranged for Wed Apr 6.'

See letter of 17 Feb 1898, Mrs Andrew to Miss Forsaith where she speaks of Miss Macdonald and her arrangements for a meeting at Perth.

Biog: Miss Willard, Mr Maconochie