Josephine Butler to Mr Johnson

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Written from Chez ME de Laveleye - 40 Rue Courtois, Liege, Belgium. Thanks for papers sent on from Berne; now on her way home. She came to Switzerland with no thought of working but 'work and very hard work came upon me'. She felt obliged to speak about the indifference of the best people to the social and political life of the nation; they have built up a Church separated from the world 'letting the whole world outside run down to perdition"' The term "l'Eglise blanche' has become quite a term used. Is worried about Stuart, his tendency is always to do too much work; he ought not to have the whole weight of the 'Star' on him. She sometimes feels she cannot go on deprived of her husband's inspiration and strength.

Administrative / Biographical History

'The thoughts expressed in the 'Christian Socialist' are just those that I have been preaching and trying hard to press on other people for the last 4 months'

GW Johnson was ed of the 'Christian Socialist'. He was a close friend of JB, James Stuart and HJ Wilson (see letter from JB to GW Johnson 19 Jul 1887).

'Several awful things happened in the country who just brought into light the principles we hold dear'

JB here is referring to the incident in Geneva (the outrage on the children). (See letter of 4 Feb and Note).

'I am glad he got rid of Massingham, but he ought not to have the whole weight of the 'Star' on him ... surely an editor could be found - leaving Stuart to be a kind of Director as was planned'

See letter of 30 Jan 1891.

Biog: Mr GW Johnson, HW Massingham