Josephine Butler to James Stuart

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Written possibly from Clarens.

Enclosed is a letter from Josephine Butler to Miss Forsaith.

'These appeals I am getting every week from Australia go to my heart'. (For previous correspondence on this subject see letters dated: 26 Jul 1895 Josephine Butler to Miss Mary Priestman; 10 Aug 1895 Josephine Butler to Miss Mary Priestman; 20 Aug 1895 Miss Forsaith to Mr Edmondson; and article in 'Sentinel' Sep 1895 p 12

'... get the Committee to buy some of that paper of mine published at the Women's Christian Temperance Union office at the Memorial Hall and post it to Australia'

In her letter to Miss Forsaith, Josephine stresses that statistics and hygiene need supplementing 'by something personal addressed to themselves as opponents of a near and threatening evil'.

'... The Publishing people of Miss Willard and Lady Henry at the Memorial Hall published a large and inexpensive Edition of 'Sursum Corda' a thing I wrote long ago or rather spoke'. This was based on a speech delivered by Josephine Butler at the annual meeting of the Ladies' National Association in 1871.

'There is to be a Medical Congress in St Petersburg soon, in which our question is included'. This was due to be held on 20 Feb 1896. (See Rough Record 810 20 Feb 1896)

Administrative / Biographical History

'Lancet' has report of a Conference of over 400 Russian doctors on venereal diseases at St Petersburg'

'There is no time to be lost, owing to the distance and the approaching Medical Congress'

In the 'Sentinel' of Sep 1895 p 127 was an article by Maurice Gregory on 'State Regulation of Vice in Australasia. An approaching crisis', in which he says that in Feb 1896 an inter-Colonial Medical Congress, attended by doctors from all parts of Australasia was to be held. A determined attempt may be made there to begin an agitation for the enforcement of the Contagious Diseases Acts throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Maurice Gregory wrote a further article on the subject in the 'Sentinel' of Oct 1895 p 143. This would therefore fix the year date of this letter as 1896.

'Probably you ... will send copies of the Army Sanitary Report to each of our correspondents in Melbourne, Victoria etc.'

For previous reference to the Army Sanitary see Royal Record 689B Memorandum of 11 Dec 1893.

The Memorial Hall was the Office of the Women's Christian Temperance Union.

Mr McLaren

In 1893 Mr Walter SB McLaren became Chairman of The British Committee of the Federation in order to release Sir James Stansfeld (then Chairman) for other Government work. From this office he retired in 1898 but remained a member of the Committee until his death.

Biog: Miss Willard, Lady Henry (Somerset), Mr W McLaren