Constance Grey to [Mrs Wilson]

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Written from Liverpool. Constance answering the letter on behalf of her aunt, Josephine Butler. Mrs Butler is not equal to speaking at length so must get some other ladies in Sheffield; may meet someone at Chatham on 18 Oct who would be able to attend at Sheffield. To try and get Mrs Wilson to attend the Ladies' Committee. Held in the morning at Chatham.

Notes: 'A meeting at Chatham on Monday18 [Oct.]'. 'A crowded and enthusiastic meeting' was held in the Lecture Hall, Chatham on the evening of 18 Oct. The Chair was CH Hopwood, MP. ('The Shield' 1 Nov 1875 p 269). Also the Annual Meeting of the Ladies' National Association was held the same day at 12 o'clock noon in the Conference Hall. Josephine Butler read the Report and emphasised 'the very rapid and encouraging development of our cause in the Continent' ('The Shield' 1 Nov 1875 p 276).

'There has been no reply from Pere Hyacinthe [Charles Loyson].' Josephine Butler was especially anxious that he should visit Sheffield and speak there and not confine himself to London. 'Mrs Hyacinthe' was the family name for Madame Loyson, an American.

'She [Josephine Butler] expressly wishes that me and other ladies should speak at the meeting as she is not equal to speaking long.' This refers to the meetings to be held at Sheffield on 15-16 Nov 1875. It was feared that Josephine Butler would not be able to attend on health grounds, let alone make a speech. In the end she not only spoke at the Women's Meeting to a packed audience but also at the Annual Meeting (see 'The Shield' 1 Dec 1875 pp 297-301)

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Biog: Mrs Richardson; Mrs Smyttan (Josephine Butler's sister); Miss Tod; Constance Grey; Pere Hyacinthe.