Josephine Butler to Henry J Wilson

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Postcard. Written from Ragaz, Canton St Gall. Postmark Ragaz, 2 Oct 1899

Thanks him for his help and opinion about Dr Bushnell's letter. Not sure of her movements; the Meuricoffres and she are moving from Ragaz as it is far too cold there. Gives him news of the Conference with details. General opinion: 'we have much to be thankful for about the Brussels and Geneva Conferences'. She is anxious as to whether they are really going in to 'this dreadful war' . Some controversy over election of a new President.

Administrative / Biographical History

'We have much to be thankful about the Brussels and Geneva Conferences'

See letter of 26 Aug JB to Henry J Wilson

'La Revue de Morale Sociale'

Editor Louis Bridel, born in Paris, studied law at Geneva and was Prof of Comparative Legislation, University of Geneva 1870-1900; Sec for Editorial Dept Mlle Vidart of Geneva on the International Cttee of the Federation. The 1st issue was Mar 1899 which was reviewed in some detail in the 'Shield' May 1899 p 31 and in the 'Storm Bell' of Apr 1899 p 170

JB is sending Mrs Wilson the 3rd no of this periodical and says she will be amused to read the article on 'The Pontefract Election'

This election took place in Aug 1872 at Pontefract and was the scene of riotous behaviour quite unknown to the place, and quite unexpected by the sitting member Mr Childers. The CD Acts for the first time became the real issue in the election. Mr Childers was returned but his majority was substantially reduced

'I am anxiously looking for news as to whether we are really going into this dreadful war'

The Boers ultimatum was dated 9 Oct 1899

Biog: Dr Kate Bushnell, Pierson, de Morsier, Mr James Stuart, Joseph Chamberlain